Price List



-Uni-Page: $250.00 (everything   on  1  page,  no  tabs / links)

See an UNI-PAGE example here

- Full Website: $700.00 and up
- Combo Website/One Domain Name: $850.00

- 2 Websites/2 Domain Names: $1100.00

- 3 Websites/3 Domain Names: $1450.00

*Services include: Domain Name Registration, Hosting and  Website for 1 year.

**Annual Renewal Fee: $150.00

Once the project/proposal is agreed upon, the
website fee is split between two billings and
is payable as fallows:

50% Downpayment (upon contract agreement)
50% Remaining balance upon publishing website to the net.


-$25.00 / Hr.

- Or by Package:

10 Hrs. per Month: $200.00

20 Hrs. per Month: $400.00

40 Hrs. per Month: $800.00

What does a Community Manager or Social Media Manager?

This person is responsible for managing, building and moderating communities around a branding process online. This profession is emerging within companies who discover that online social conversations are increasingly relevant and need a professional who knows about online communication, making use of new channels of communication through social tools.